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By 2030, 1 in 5 Americans will be retirement age.

Is your family ready? If you’ve ever felt the slightest pull that you should start preparing for the future of aging, we’ve got your back.

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Kelli Bradley

In my thirties, I was focused on my career, traveling, recently married, and beginning what I thought would be the rest of my life. But when my mom was first diagnosed with diabetes, all of that changed…

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The biggest mistake I see people make when taking care of their parents is waiting too long to get help, but how do you even know when you should get help or even where to start? I have put together a free guide to help you take the first step in the process! Fill out the form below and it will be sent straight to your inbox.







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🌲🌊 Taking a moment to breathe in the beauty of nature. As caregivers, we must step outside, refresh our minds, and find peace in the simple wonders around us. Remember to take time for yourself, even if it’s just a mountain walk. Your well-being matters, too. 💚 ...

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As People Age, Things Change

They may not be as capable as they once were. Things that were once within their grasp seem desperately out of reach. Supporting family members struggling to maintain independence, health, and safety can be a significant challenge. Caregivers often become ill trying to care for the ones they love.

How can we get ahead, recognize what`s happening, and gather information for future conversations? One of the best ways I`ve found in my 12 years of operating an in-home care company is through observation.

But how do we observe? What are the benchmarks? This process is for informal discussions and can vary for each person. I`ve created a module in The Nest to guide you through these discussions, starting with an outline you can personalize.

For instance, consider driving in terms of health and safety. A year ago, Dad was driving fine. Now, his driving is limited, or he`s monitoring himself. This may or may not apply to you, so select the relevant categories.

The most crucial step is to draw a line in the sand. Start by looking back and narrowing your focus. Select your categories and walk through them methodically. If you don`t see your parents often, reach out and build depth into your circles of care or connections. Ask questions and gather insights.

Personalizing this exercise is essential, but you can also gather information from the background to avoid upsetting your loved ones. The last thing you need is for your parents to feel like you are going behind their backs. In the long run, this helps in hiring in-home care or considering other support services. It`s common to hear families or those needing care say, "I`m fine. I have great neighbors." While having supportive neighbors is terrific, they can`t provide 24-hour care.

Starting an awareness journal can be particularly useful, even if your loved ones seem fine. It`s not about adding another task to your to-do list but making notes, perhaps on your phone. Journaling these observations methodically helps understand and support changes in a way that works for everyone.

These nuggets of information are invaluable!

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Life after caregiving can feel like an endless void. Holidays were always spent with family, and I started feeling this overwhelming sense of grief around these times. When my mom and Gram passed away, I found myself lost. Through my grief, I learned to transition from being their daughter and granddaughter to a professional caregiver. 💜 If you`re navigating this journey, know you`re not alone. Lean on your support system and allow yourself to heal. #Caregiving #GriefJourney #AlwaysHerDaughter #Healing #SupportSystem ...

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Have a safe and happy holiday! ...

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📞 A Call That Changed Everything
As I hurried to my next meeting, my phone buzzed with "MOM" flashing on the screen. I had three quick thoughts: I just talked to her, I don`t have time, and I`ll call back later. But later came too late.
When I finally returned the call, there was no answer. Panic set in, and I sped across town, guilt and fear twisting inside me. I kept praying to God, please let her be alright. When I arrived, I found her unresponsive. Tears ran down my face like a Spring rain splashing off my mom`s face as I struggled to get ahold of myself and get help. In that instant, I knew this was the beginning of the end.
In the following days, we made difficult decisions. My mom wished to remain home, clinging to independence, but safety demanded 24-hour care. Balancing her wishes with the reality of her health was agonizing.
💔 Caregivers, you are not alone
We all face these heart-wrenching choices. Remember, we make them from a place of love.
Suggestions for Caregivers and Families:
-Communicate Openly: Regularly discuss health and safety concerns with your loved one. Understanding their wishes helps in making informed decisions.
-Seek Professional Guidance: Don`t hesitate to consult healthcare professionals or caregiving experts. Their insights can provide clarity and support.
-Create a Care Plan: Develop a comprehensive care plan that addresses your loved one`s emotional and physical needs. Share this with your healthcare team.
-Prioritize Self-Care: Caring for yourself is crucial. Join support groups, seek counseling, and ensure you have a network to lean on.
-Leverage Resources: Utilize community resources and services that offer additional support and respite care.
Let`s support each other. Where do you draw the line between independence and safety?
#Caregiving #FamilyCaregiver #SupportEachOther #SeniorCare
🔗 Join us in The Nest, a community where caregivers find strength and support: The Nest

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Breaking Free from Caregiver Guilt: Recognizing and Overcoming Negative Self-Talk

As caregivers, we`ve all heard the advice to prioritize self-care, but how often do we genuinely recognize the signs of our energy depletion? It`s an everyday struggle, one that many of us share.

The Negative Self-Talk Spiral

Let`s first discuss the negative self-talk that occurs when you are a caregiver. You know when you feel utterly defeated when all you see is the thorns on a rose instead of the beautiful bloom?
I should have been there on time; maybe Mom wouldn`t have fallen.
I was not fully engaged in Dad`s last doctor`s appointment, and we picked up the wrong medication.
We could have prevented the accident if we had removed the keys sooner.
I feel awful; why did I lose my temper? I know Mom is doing her best.
I am a terrible daughter; I don`t know how to resolve my parent`s health issues.

These thoughts are all too familiar and reflect the internal struggles caregivers face. Everyone experiences stretches of life, whether a few days or many years when the down moments are more frequent than the good. These periods can rob you of your passion, energy, and, ultimately, your vision.

To see the full article, see the link in the bio and head over to our FREE COMMUNITY: THE NEST!

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Good morning Sunriver! Taking a few minutes each day to appreciate your surroundings is a game changer especially for #caregivers. ...

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