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By 2030, 1 in 5 Americans will be retirement age.

Is your family ready? If you’ve ever felt the slightest pull that you should start preparing for the future of aging, we’ve got your back.

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Kelli Bradley

In my thirties, I was focused on my career, traveling, recently married, and beginning what I thought would be the rest of my life. But when my mom was first diagnosed with diabetes, all of that changed…

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The biggest mistake I see people make when taking care of their parents is waiting too long to get help, but how do you even know when you should get help or even where to start? I have put together a free guide to help you take the first step in the process! Fill out the form below and it will be sent straight to your inbox.







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“You are so awesome! Thank you for all the timely, great help and support. I pray God bless you many times over for all your kindness and dedication to those in need. We really appreciate you!”
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We all lead hectic lives, and the whirlwind intensifies during the holiday season 🎄. Did I say holiday season? Indeed, I did! There are fifty-four days until Thanksgiving 🦃, so let`s start our plans. Amidst the festive hustle and bustle, let`s spare a moment of reflection for those who may be feeling isolated—individuals living alone, the chronically ill, or those grieving the loss of a loved one 💔.
Did you know that the effects of loneliness can be more detrimental to one`s Health than smoking fifteen cigarettes a day 🚬? It`s a silent epidemic, and its impacts are profound and far-reaching. As family members and healthcare professionals 👩‍⚕️, the rush of daily life can easily make us overlook the immense power of human connection 💞.
Let`s pause our busy routines 🔄 to reflect and remember: every interaction can bring light 🌟 into someone`s life.

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"Trust the timing of your life. 🕰️ Every caregiver`s journey is unique, filled with its own challenges and triumphs. Whether you`re a devoted daughter, a healthcare professional, or someone who`s just starting to navigate the caregiving world, remember to breathe, be present, and trust the process. 💪💜 Your dedication and love make a world of difference in the lives of those you care for. How do you maintain trust and patience in your caregiving journey? Share your thoughts and experiences below. 👇 #CaregiverSupport #TheDevotedDaughter #TrustTheJourney" ...

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Happy Birthday Mom🌸

I can`t believe you`ve taken another dance with the angels😇. The pace at which time flies still astounds me, but its rapid movement has never diluted the memories of you or the warmth of your presence. It feels like you`re still right here with us in every quiet moment, every joyous celebration, and all of life`s little adventures.

I always take comfort in knowing that wherever you are, you`re watching over us. I`m happy to report that everyone is doing well despite life`s inevitable ups and downs. Lizzie is blossoming into a young adult as she starts high school, and I can`t help but think about how proud you`d be of her. Miss Sadie is navigating her way through college, and every so often, she shares a story that reminds me so much of you. Tessa and Nat, with their boundless energy and enthusiasm, have just kicked off their school year, and it`s heartwarming to see them flourish.

This year brought about some significant changes for us. We moved, and while settling into a new place always brings challenges, some moments feel like they`re straight out of the memories we shared. Every time I walk past Nichols 8,⛳️ I`m transported back to our tour of the course, and I can almost hear you commenting on the beauty around us, likening it to "Maui in the mountains." I am so grateful to live in such a beautiful place.

Speaking of Maui, my heart aches to share that Lahaina town was engulfed in a devastating fire. The beauty and life that once thrived there faced tragic losses. Seeing a place we both held dear in such pain is heart-wrenching. But I also remember how you always found strength in adversity and taught me to do the same. It`s a reminder that life is fleeting and that we should cherish every moment and memory like the ones we created as a family in Maui.

I share this letter as a tribute to you, a beacon of hope, and a testament to the enduring spirit of love. You taught us resilience, compassion, and the true meaning of family. I will never forget how you lived even when faced with the most devastating news. Your ability to laugh despite it all was nothing short of a miracle.

Love always,


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Mistaking Age for Ailment: Debunking Dementia Myths 🤔🧠

The aroma of my Aunt Lilly`s freshly baked cookies 🍪 wafted through our home as I sat at the dining table, memories flooding in. During one such quiet moment, a close friend 👭, with a hint of concern in her eyes, asked, "Do you think your aunt has dementia?"

The weight of that question 🤔 hung in the air. I`d been asked this multiple times before, forcing me to pause each time.

It`s imperative to note that dementia isn`t a single disease. It`s an overarching term that covers a variety of medical conditions, including Alzheimer`s disease 📉, which is the most prevalent.

One common misconception I`ve encountered is equating dementia with the natural progression of aging ⏳. However, while it`s true that as we age, there may be a slight reduction in our cognitive abilities – perhaps a challenge in picking up a new hobby or language or being a bit more forgetful – it`s not synonymous with dementia. This mild decline is, in fact, a part of the natural aging process that almost all of us will experience.

Yet, what`s crucial to remember is that many conditions can mimic dementia`s symptoms. Depression 😞, imbalances in nutrition 🍎, side effects from certain medications 💊, or even sheer emotional distress can manifest in ways similar to dementia, such as difficulties in communication, memory lapses, or behavioral changes.

So, every time someone inquires, concerned, about their loved ones ❤️, I emphasize the importance of seeking medical advice 🩺.

"In the journey of understanding, it`s compassion that illuminates the path. Let`s not jump to conclusions; instead, let`s seek clarity."

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Embrace the crisp air and vibrant colors of the season!

🍂 If you can, step outside and breathe in the freshness this weekend.

While a park bench offers a peaceful moment, why not elevate the experience with a visit to a Farmer’s market or a fall festival? Dive into the spirit of Fall and make the most of it. Happy Saturday! 🌻

How are you welcoming Fall? Share your Fall kickoff moments in the comments below 🍁

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