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Devoted Daughter

In my thirties, I was focused on my career, traveling, recently married, and beginning what I thought would be the rest of my life. But when my mom was first diagnosed with diabetes, all of that changed.

It didn’t happen overnight; instead, it was like a slow crawl to the brink of the mountain.

What started as periodically checking in and helping out with chores, soon felt like I had taken on another full time job. Today, we understand this to be caregiving, but at that time caregiving wasn’t really a term. Becoming a maid, chef, chauffeur, and gardener was simply what any child would do for their mom.

Over the next decade, my mom would endure diabetes, which led to open heart surgery, losing her kidneys, neuropathy so painful she could barely walk and losing her eyesight. But at no point did she give up. I remember so many moments staring at her in amazement over her willingness to fight for her family.

Without realizing it, I became my mom’s caregiver. One day at dialysis, I was helping my mom into her wheelchair and a gentleman next to her commented how he wished he had someone to help him like I helped her. The comment broke my heart, and made me question if I could help more people who were going through the same thing as my mom.

This one moment in the hospital led me to open a leading in-home care company where I served over 1,000 families.

During over two decades of working in the senior care industry, I learned more than I ever would have thought possible, met amazing people, and genuinely felt I was able to make a difference for families going through the same horrible events I did with my parents. But I always felt there was a disconnect between senior care professionals and families.

In the hospital you’re handed a pamphlet, you’re informed about the endless amounts of online information available, but you’re still left with so many questions on what to do with your families situation specifically. Or at least that’s how I felt countless times.

The Devoted Daughter was founded to be that bridge that I felt was missing. I’m here to guide you, and bring you comfort in knowing you are not alone. Caregiving did become my full time job at one point, which took away from me just being my mother’s child. My mission is to take away the stress of caregiving, so that you spend more time to be there as a child and not a caregiver.