Happy Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is always bittersweet for me. I lost my mom in 2008, but it feels like yesterday. I can hear her voice, feel her hugs, and wish so much she was here with us today. God had other plans for her, and now she fully embraces her role as our guiding light and angel. Do you ever wonder why me, why our family, what lessons should you take away from losing someone who had so much life to live? There are no answers; each of us must find peace within ourselves. This year has been challenging for so many. We have seen the unexpected loss of life with the most vulnerable hit hard. I can’t even imagine how we would have coped during COVID if my mom had been alive. My heart breaks for those of you who could not be there to advocate, hold your parents in your arms and support them. If we learned anything this last year, life is fragile, and we can’t take time for granted.

Keeping Mom in My Heart

When my mom passed away, we sent a letter to her family and friends. I had no idea that a small gesture would kick off the tradition of letter writing to honor my mom. I wanted to share a portion of that letter with you today. ” It is a reflection of a family’s love when you give ongoing care and support no matter what the circumstances. Betty had this in her life, and it sustained her. Although she passed away on February 26, 2008, she has taken with her a legacy of a family devoted to honoring the person who gave them life. As a mother, she felt tremendous pride in having her children do what they did for her. Their gift in doing so will provide peace in their hearts for many years to comes.

The tradition of letter writing is my way of remembering and honoring my mom. I know this is very personal, but I am hopeful that sharing this with each of you will inspire you to find a way to honor your mom this Mother’s Day. The best gift you can give is yourself. Happy Mother’s Day!