Are you looking for one last gift to check off your list? Well, I have you covered.  

  L BPA-Free Portable Electric Watter Kettle

It has an automatic shut-off and is smaller in scale and lightweight for anyone who may have difficulty lifting and pouring.

Telesco Pick

 The pick helps grasp items out of reach; it can be a great safety tool for fall prevention.

Cerave Cream

This is if you want a cream to soothe your dry skin! The overall best seller for mature skin

  Silvert’s Women’s Shawl

It is the perfect gift that is warm, cozy, easy to wear, and stylish.

 Human Intentions Jar Opener

My mom had one of these, and I still have it today! It is a great compact tool for opening anything with a lid.

Asaauki Humidifier and Room Diffuser

 I love the clean, fresh scent; bonus, this one is reasonably priced.


Happy Holidays🌲