5 Gifts for Caregivers

With Caregiver Appreciation Month in full swing and the holidays approaching, we felt it was the perfect time to share five gifts for your favorite caregiver!

1. Meals
If you know someone who doesn’t want or need more “things” meals are a perfect solution. When you bring someone a meal, you’re also gifting them the time it would otherwise take to prepare and cook a meal.

We have tons of great recipe ideas for freezer meals that can easily be stored and labeled if you need ideas. I prefer gifting meals that can be frozen without taking up much space, so you know you’re not burdening anyone who may already have done all the shopping for the week.

2. Time
This may seem like a cop-out, but do not underestimate the gift of time. Offering to babysit the kids for a few hours, or take their senior somewhere can be a priceless gift for many caregivers. If you know a caregiver who’s been struggling with getting out of the house themselves, take them to coffee or lunch! Even a walk where you’re there for them means so much.

I will never forget when my mom was sick; one of my friends came to the hospital and called to tell me she was there. “I’m in the lobby if you need me. Whether you come down or not, I’ll be here till for the next hour, and I want you to know I’m here.”

3. Gift Cards
When I owned my in-home care company, I always tried to pick up gift cards whenever I could. Typically covering the most basic needs such as gas cards, grocery stores, Target, places where people can find home items was such a huge help.

But you can most certainly go out of the box with this as well. If you know someone who takes the bus, buying them a pass for the year is a massive load off of many shoulders.

4. Monthly Subscription Box
If you are looking to get someone a physical item but aren’t sure of where to start, check out monthly subscription boxes. You can find ones for makeup, skincare (even Korean skincare!), wine, gamers, shaving boxes, dad boxes; you name it! And all for around $30 a box. This can be a fun way for them to try new products they’re interested in without you having to handpick everything.

5. Media Subscription
Finally, I love gifting a media subscription. Gifting a year of Hulu, HBO, Disney+, or other tv services are great for movie lovers. Spotify can be an excellent upgrade for someone who’s into music.