5 Must Have Cleaning Products to Spare Your Joints

I have vivid memories of my mom moving all the furniture out of a room, wiping down every surface, cleaning out every drawer, then putting everything back in it’s place all on a Sunday afternoon. As someone who shares a similar preference of a clean home, I too have this need to keep things orderly. But as you age (whether you accept it or not) everything, including cleaning, becomes just that much more difficult. Bending down on your knees is tough on joints, arthritis makes it difficult to hold smaller items, and chords make for an accident waiting to happen.

Below I’ve shared 5 products I personally use, and highly recommend to make cleaning at home easier.

iRobot Roomba

Moving furniture, pushing around a heavy vacuum, and stepping over chords sounds like a recipe for disaster for many seniors. Roomba’s are a great solution for controlling allergens, preventing joint pain, and my personal favorite getting rid of pet hair.

I love this version of Roomba as it will connect to your Alexa, making it so your person could start and stop their Roomba all without having to get up from their favorite chair.

Lightweight & Cordless Dyson Vacuum

For situations where the Roomba just won’t do, I personally adore the cordless, lightweight Dyson Vacuum’s. These are so amazing for getting the ceiling or anything up high, especially if you have arthritis. Because they are so light it makes reaching high places much higher, and there’s no fear of tripping over a cord.

 Compact Steamer

Getting the ironing board and iron out fills many with disdain in their twenties, yet alone in their 70’s or 80’s. Both my Gram and Mom made it very clear they didn’t want wrinkles or stains, and I think this would have been a great option for them. Just hang your shirt up, run this steamer over it for a few minutes and your shirt will be wrinkle free without the hassle of getting an ironing board out.

Daily Shower Spray

With the majority of falls happening in or around the bathroom, it’s extremely important you keep up on safety, even when it comes to cleaning. This daily shower spray smells fresh of eucalyptus, and doesn’t require any rinsing or wiping! Just spray down your shower after you use it and it will keep away shower scum and buildup.

Extended Feather Duster

In order to get the tops of bookshelves, cabinets, fans or any other high areas many of us reach for a ladder or the nearest chair. But climbing up and down (especially a dining room chair) can be very dangerous. A feather duster with an extendable arm such as this one eliminates the need to climb around, but still will keep everything dust free.

Do you have any cleaning favorites or hacks? Let us know below!