Holiday Celebrations!

The #holidays are ripe with celebrations, #family, and #joy, but they are also a time for reflection.  

As I watch the snowflakes❅ dancing in the sky, they fall softly to the ground; nothing is more peaceful. At this moment, “All is calm, all is bright.”🎄 I feel fortunate to live in such a beautiful place where mother nature blesses us with austere grandeur.

The season’s magic came to a screeching halt when I suddenly remembered the boxes stacked to the ceiling. We have been downsizing, and there is no room for these decorations. I will donate some, a handful will go to family members, and I only keep what I love and can use.

When I think about years past, I would sort through the boxes and pull out what I wanted, putting the bins away as quickly as possible. When the holidays were over, the same process occurred in reverse.

I have a few extra bins to sort through now. The exercise of sorting got me thinking about my Gram. She loved the holidays, and her house was the heartbeat of our family.

No Christmas Tree🌲

As I pulled up the drive, snow ☃️enveloped the house like a warm blanket, curling around the front door. I could not wait to get inside and hug my Gram.  

Today was the big day, a rare occurrence. Gram did not like us messing around and getting into her treasures, but she needed me to carry boxes down the stairs. I was excited to prod and poked around the attic.

As she opened the door, I noticed something was off. She squealed and hugged me tight as she ushered me into the family room for a hot tea.

“OK, I have some news,” she said. ” I am not decorating for Christmas.” My heart sank, and I could feel the tears welling in my eyes. “But Gram, we always decorate. I will do it for you. I promise you won’t have to lift a finger.”

We watched the snow fall in silence, and I realized it was too much for her this year. My mom was sick, and Gram worried about how she would see everyone, do the shopping, cook, etc. All the things that go along with the holidays.

Family Holidays

The holidays may look different as people age, and that’s OK. Setting expectations and discussing plans in advance helps prevent these communication snafus.

“True beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives, the passion that she knows; the beauty of a woman with passing years only grows. –Audrey Hepburn.