7 Podcasts for Seniors

My Gram had a habit of always leaving her radio on. Largely because she enjoyed listening to it, but partially because it was her “alarm system.”

I can remember her saying, “Well if all my windows are open and people can hear the radio they may think more people are home!” Alright, Gram whatever works!

Remembering this got me thinking about how many podcasts there are available now that may be a breath of fresh air for seniors. They can play these right from their phone in the car, on a walk, or even have Alexa do it in the home! So we’ve pulled together a list of 7 Podcasts your senior may enjoy.

1. Lux Radio Theatre
Originally a radio show started in 1934; this podcast features adaptations of Broadway plays and Hollywood films. If your person isn’t so keen on the “podcast” idea, this may be an ideal place to start as it feels more familiar to radio shows that were around during their childhood.

2. Good Job, Brain!
Good Job Brain! is an interactive quiz/trivia show offering a wide range of subject to keep your brain limber. If you’ve got a Jeopardy buff around this may be a breath of fresh air for them.

3. You Must Remember This
You Must Remember This is “the podcast about the secret and or forgotten history of Hollywood’s first century.” and is great for anyone who loves the glam and gossip of Hollywood.

4. The Alton Browncast
Know a foodie? If your person is a fan of cooking or wants to know more about it, they may enjoy this podcast hosted by Food Network star Alton Brown. In the podcast, he and guests discuss the latest culinary trends along with recipes and tips and tricks.

5. The Handyguys Podcast
Got a handyman in your life? This podcast may be ideal for you; throughout the episodes, the hosts offer tips and tricks for home improvement tasks amongst humorous anecdotes about their family and other topics.

6. Car Talk
Hosted by brothers Tom and Ray Magliozzi, (aka “Click and Clack”) Car Talk is a Peabody Award-winning radio talk show cover the topics of automobiles and automotive repair usually in a humorous way. Perfect for any car aficionado in your life.

7. Senior Matters
Senior Matters is more of a nail on the head for seniors, hosted by Diane Johnson. Senior Matters spotlights seniors in the community, representatives of senior services and programs and activities of interest to seniors.