Preparing for an Emergency

In order to feel prepared for an emergency, you’re going to want certain items from your parents. Some of these, you will ideally already have from organizing their paperwork and creating an emergency packet. These should include:

1. A Contact List
This should be a well-organized list of people someone would want to contact in case of an emergency. Include their name, number, relation to the person and address if you have it. Doctors, physicians, your number, all immediate emergency contacts should be at the top. After that, I would think a little outside of the box with other people who should be alerted. Be sure you have a copy in a safe space in their home such as on the fridge, along within their cell phones with clear labels in case they are out.

2. Current Medications List
This can be crucial in an emergency situation and will be asked for by the hospital. Include name and dosage.

3. Medical Insurance Coverage
Any government insurance cards such as Medicaid, Medicare, or Veterans.

4. Power of Attorney 

5. A Hospital Bag
This can be so helpful in an emergency and is where I would keep a copy of all of the above information. Read our post on what to pack here.