Signs You Have Caregiver Burnout

Becoming aware of burnout can help you recognize when you may be experiencing it before things get worse.

Burnout signals are very similar to depression and stress.

If you’re experiencing…
– Mood Swings
– Lack of energy
– Withdrawing from things you once enjoyed
– Lack of sleep/too much sleep
– Changes in eating habits; weight loss or gain
– A feeling of hopelessness
– Neglecting your own physical and emotional needs
– Feeling like caregiving is controlling your life
– Becoming unusually impatient, irritable or argumentative
– Lowered resistance to illness

Burnout is typically caused by…
• Unreasonable Expectations
• Not Enough Separation/Time Away
• Role Confusion
• Never Ending Tasks
• Lack of Self Care
• Perfectionism
• Unspoken Feelings

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