Grandparent Gift Guide

An Alexa is probably the gift I recommend most to families. Alexa makes it easy for your senior to ask what time is it, play a certain song, what’s the weather like and best of all can give you peace of mind. In addition to an Alexa, you can place Alexa Dot’s all over the home so if your senior were to have an accident, they can have Alexa call you or 911. This year we’ve chosen the Alexa Show as it’s a great way to connect with long distance grandkids, or check in and see how your parents are doing.

In all my years of working with seniors, I can’t tell you how many stories I’ve heard of cars from the past. Now your loved one can reminisce while watching the birds. I’ve found this pairs well with a small pair of binoculars that can be left by a favorite chair near a window.

Weighted blankets are a great gift for anyone, but can be especially helpful if your senior lives with Dementia. A weighted blanket can be a simple, non-drug option that can reduce anxiety, calm nerves, provide comfort, and promote deeper sleep. 

If you’ve never heard of these, talk to the nearest teenage girl in your life, chances are she’ll know all about them. These cameras are a hit with seniors who enjoy technology and especially if they used original polaroids growing up. These tiny camera’s use film to instantly print off pictures that take about 3-4 minutes to develop and you don’t even have to shake them! Pair the camera with a few cute picture frames as gifts and take some photos together on Christmas Day!

Family Flashbacks by The Devoted Daughter are a perfect gift to play around the dinner table after a holiday meal. Each pack includes 48 questions to ask the senior in your life. Perfect for icebreakers, or giving grandkids an idea of what life was like when their grandparents were kids.

Slippers may seem like a go to grandma gift, but hey they’re popular for a reason! These slippers in particular are not only super warm and comfy, but also are soled and have support. And best of all are easy to slip on and off in case your person isn’t able to bend down and pull on slippers all the time.

These desk calendars are not only beautiful but also are entirely customizable. Show off pictures of grandkids, recent celebrations, old photos, whatever best fits for your senior. If a desk calendar isn’t preferred, there are also larger or smaller options available on their website.

My Gram was still cooking, paying her own bills, and gardening her entire life, and I truly think she would’ve enjoyed this stand. It’s great for cookbooks or tablets and has a very chic and modern feel to it.

If your senior doesn’t already have a diffuser in their home, this may be a great affordable option. Aromatherapy can help relieve stress for both your senior and you, making it a great gift for all. Scent has a very powerful effect on the body, especially for those who may be losing functionality in other areas such as sight or hearing.

Lavender essential oil has even been proven to have a calming effect that is also found in anti-anxiety medications. They’re also helpful to make a room smell nice without fear of starting a fire. Diffusers help some sleep better, improve digestion and even reduce pain levels. This diffuser has options for subtle lighting and shuts off automatically. But don’t forget to add some oils to your cart as well! Play around with options your senior might like and if they have pets be sure to check if they will be bothered, but usually, you can’t go wrong with lavender, peppermint, or ylang-ylang.

Got a music lover? We’ve got a couple of options for you. If your senior prefers physical items, there are these great compact record players all over the internet. They even have some that come in easy to move tiny suitcases that will fit in your loved ones home or assisted living. Throw in a couple of their old favorite records via Amazon, and they’re set.

For some seniors, a record player may not be realistic, so another great option is buying them a Spotify Subscription. I have a friend who pays $10 a month for her dad’s Spotify as a gift and she says it’s changed his world. Spotify has so much music on there available with the push of a button.

Know someone who has trouble sleeping? This may be the gift for them. This eye mask has a satin cover, a cooling pad inside, and earplugs to ensure a good nights sleep. It’s size adjustable with velcro, and if anything will certainly help on the plane ride home.