As with any holiday, it’s important to not let the seniors in your life fall through the cracks. And in a world full of packing kids heart-shaped lunches, making 40+ personalized cards for the class, and trying to fit in a date night, Valentines Day is no exception. Imagine spending 50 holidays with your partner, then losing them as you age. Valentines Day is a day to celebrate your love, so why not try and boost your loved one’s spirits? Today we’ll be sharing 8 Ways to Celebrate Valentines Day with Seniors.

1. Flowers.
Getting flowers is obviously a Valentines Day go to, but it can brighten up your seniors day and home. Bring them by yourself and visit for awhile, or have them delivered and give your older adult a call if you don’t live nearby. Keep in mind that the flowers or plant should not present a burden to someone. You should make sure they are self-sustaining in a vase or secured in a container that can be watered.

2. Treats.
Know a senior with a sweet tooth? Bring them over something sweet or even better make something together! Easy classics such as pink and red Rice Krispy treats or cookies are fun to bake together and will make the house smell great. Even if they have dietary restrictions or concerns, there’s still plenty of Valentines Day themed options. Fruit and a bit of dark chocolate to dip in is always lovely, or sugar-free jello cut into shapes.

3. Crafts with kids.
Why not put your kids to work? Valentines Day crafts are all over the internet, especially on Pinterest. So pick up an easy craft idea for your older adult and make sure it is something the kids can do. Putting on a valentines movie in the background can also be a great way to celebrate and spend time together.

4. Reminisce.
We have thousands of pictures on our phones or other electronics, but that has not always been the case. I remember my mom and Gram having a roll of film developed and then taking back their favorite shots to have them duplicated. At the time it seemed silly, but I can’t tell you how much I appreciate having all those memories at my fingertips. Spending time with family going through any old photos or even old love letters is an excellent way to reminisce and find joy in remembering the past.

5. Have a date night.
Did your grandparents ever have a specific meal they had on Valentines Day? Did they have any traditions they did every year? If so, why not create their date night? Even if the lasagna isn’t from the same restaurant, recreating some of those old traditions shared with their late spouse can make the day feel special.

6. Have a Valentine’s Day Dance.
Remember your first awkward dance? Chances are, so does your older adult! It can be fun to set one up if your senior lives in a senior care facility. Talk with the activities director or senior living center about setting up an afternoon dance. The residents can dress up, play Valentines Day Bingo, dance to music from their teens and have dinner together! What a great way to celebrate the day!

7. Create a new tradition.
Things change dramatically as we age. Your senior may have lost a spouse or partner in recent years, or maybe they are dealing with a chronic illness that limits what they can do outside of the home. Either way, think of something that you can do together to celebrate the day. For me, I always enjoyed helping my gram prepare for spring. As the days become longer, it is nice to get outside and get some fresh air. Sprucing up the front porch or entryway by planting a few primroses was a Valentines Day tradition.

8. Listen to music.
Bringing out the oldies is a favorite pastime for many seniors. We still have the records and play them just for fun. If you do not have the original soundtrack, just about every song known to man is available online. All you need is a phone to kick up your heals.

What are some of your favorite ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Let us know in a comment and have a happy holiday!