7 Podcasts for Seniors

7 Podcasts for Seniors My Gram had a habit of always leaving her radio on. Largely because she enjoyed listening to it, but partially because it was her "alarm system." I can remember her saying, "Well if all my windows are open and people can hear the radio they may think more people are home!" Alright, Gram whatever works! Remembering this got me thinking about [...]

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5 Tips for Downsizing

5 Tips for Downsizing 1. Start earlyThis may seem like common sense and something you can put off, but please do not! If you've ever moved before you will know that you always have more things than you think you do, so the process will take longer than you think it will. Start with things you know you won't need for the next few months. [...]

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Quick Tip for Senior Meal Prep

Quick Tip for Senior Meal Prep When caring for my mom, I found myself taking on a whole new job of personal chef. But between doctors appointments, picking up medications, and living my own life sometimes I'd find myself in a momentary panic over dinner. So first off, if this sounds like you, please remember to take a breath and remember [...]

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5 Cleaning Products to Spare Your Joints

5 Must Have Cleaning Products to Spare Your Joints I have vivid memories of my mom moving all the furniture out of a room, wiping down every surface, cleaning out every drawer, then putting everything back in it's place all on a Sunday afternoon. As someone who shares a similar preference of a clean home, I too have this need to keep things orderly. [...]

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Loved One Losing their Sight?

Loved One Losing their Sight? While caring for my mom, she eventually lost her sight due to diabetes. Through it all, she was always so strong and amazed me every day. As a family, we tried to find ways to help her. I remember her telling me she couldn't see to get toothpaste on the toothbrush anymore. Her despair over a fear of [...]

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4 Ways to Celebrate a Deceased Loved One’s Birthday

4 Ways to Celebrate a Deceased Loved One's Birthday Today is my Gram's birthday, and although it's been many years the loss never really gets any easier. My Gram was a huge part of my life growing up and was there for me when we lost my mom. Every year to celebrate her my family and I get together and laugh over stories [...]

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